Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trash Review

Trash     BY Andy mulligan
I think that you should read this book in my opinion, because to me it was a interesting story. I like what the story is about.
What i don’t like about the story is the way the cops treat the kids.
What it was about: The book was about three boys called Raphael,Rat(Jun-jun) and last Gardo. They were being chased by the police.A guy was looking for the money that Raphael found and said to find them and ask questions about where it was found and how did you find it.

What i think about this book:This really awesome and I would recommend this book to anyone that is interested in this book. This book is about money and the poor. The boys are working for money to give to the poor and help them buy things that they need.

I give this book a 9 out of 10.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Moment In Time 2017

Moment In Time
In this image is an assassin who looks terrified. He is holding a small but powerful gun and a samurai sword that looks very scary. He looks like he's in attack mode. In the background is a shipwreck, which looks like the end of a terrifying pirate war. The ship looks like is has been abandoned for a very long time. The setting in this picture is white sky and very dark black clouds around it. The water is black instead of blue because all the smoke around the place has made the water polluted. The assassin looks like he wants to get revenge on the person who has done all these bad things. That is my imagination of this picture.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Ko Wai Au

Ko Wai AuIMG_1095.JPG
On my paddle is my culture, family, hobbies and more. My culture is Cook Island. There are five members in my family (Mum) Cyrena (Dad) Aura (Sister) Terema (Brother) Papa and me. My favourite hobbies are sports - rugby and cricket. My culture is very important to me because that is what I am and I am proud to be a Cook Islander. In rugby I have made it in rep teams that’s why rugby is my favourite sport, and also cricket because our cricket team went to watch the black caps vs south africa. That’s why I put sports on my paddle. This is about my paddle.

Monday, February 20, 2017

All About Me 2017

All About Me

Hello my name is Aura. I go to Rangikura school. I am 10 years old. So far this year it has been awesome in room 10. I have made lots of new friends like Shayden and Va’a. Room 10 is a lovely environment place for learning. I love playing rugby inside of school and out of school. My goal to achieve in my rugby is trying to become captain of the time. I have to do it by attending all the training and being a good sportsman. Lastly I would like to tell you that I love gaming on my PS4. That is all about me.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Last week we had EOTC which stands for Education Outside The Classroom. I am going to tell you all about our EOTC with our block., Pohutukawa.

EOTC is a week when the Pohutukawa block has a week of fun but we still learn. On Monday we went down to Aotea lagoon. On Tuesday we had survival day. On Wednesday we went to Te Papa, Nga Taonga sound and vision and we also had a sleepover. On Thursday we went to Te Rauparaha arena and had a swim. Finally on Friday we stayed at school and had assembly, Kapa Haka and the year 7 and 8s were our teachers for the afternoon.

One thing we learnt about at Nga Taonga sound and vision was the early New Zealand in the 1900’s. A man took us into a movie theater and showed us some photos, ads, videos and some old video tapes. Another place where we learnt was Te Papa. What we learnt about at Te Papa was about the early maori. The main person we learnt about was Te Rauparaha.TeRauparaha.jpg

. Te Rauparaha was important to maori people because he had 6 toes and only a taniwha had 6 toes.
They believed that he was a god. People passed on and said that Te Rauparaha was very good in battles and that he won many battles for his people/village.

The best Part of EOTC was at the swimming pools. I liked the pools the best because I liked the bouncy castle. Also I liked the higher slide. It was the best day of the whole entire week.

One thing I found challenging was understanding how to do the worksheet for the awesome forces. It was challenging because all the stuff we were supposed to do, every one was on it.

That is all about our EOTC week.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Te Ao Maori

Te Ao Maori
Yesterday we had Whaea Toni, we were learning about the early Te Ao Maori and i am going to tell you all about it.

First I am going tell you what we learnt about early maori weapons. The first weapon we learnt about was a Patu. A patu is a green stone carved into a shape looked like a oval at the top and a vertical line going down at the bottom of it. They used it to hit people in the back of the head to kill them. It is as hard as a brick wall. The final weapon we learnt about was a taiaha. A taiaha is made from wood and it is also used to kill. You have to carve a taniwha at the top of the taiaha. Do not put the taniwhas head on the because as the beliefs you might get cursed. For some detail/decorations they would use feathers and paua shells. The feathers are used as a sign of respect and the paua shells are as the taniwhas eyes.

Secondly I am going to tell you what early maori people wore for clothes. The most clothing maori people wore was a korowai. It is also was know as a Kahu huruhuru A. Korowai is a cloak with lots of different bird feathers on it. The feathers are used to cover the whole cloak. The most popular feather they use are Tui feathers.. A Tui is a black bird with a orange beak.. Back then they used the sticky tree saps to glue on the feathers.

Lastly I am going to tell you about my weaving I did with Whaea Toni.. With Whaea Toni we learnt a new type of weaving named raranga. It is a paper weaving. What we did was draw a line a on a coloured piece of paper but not all the way to the edges. Then we folded the paper in half but we had to make sure we had the open half facing up. After that we cut straight or wiggly lines to the drawn line but we had to make sure the lines were even. Next we cut little stripes of white paper to weave with the coloured paper. What we had to do to weave was to go up and over with the white strips so the pattern would be orange and white repeatedly. Keep repeating it until you're done. That is how you make a raranga.

That's what Whaea Toni taught us about the early Te Ao Maori.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moment of Time

I could feel the wind strongly pushing me away as I was running towards it. The grass rubbing up against  my legs as I was running from a thing that looked like a MONSTER. As it was chasing me I could feel my owner wacking my back with a whip. I could hear him SCREAMING so each step I took I became faster. When the MONSTER was running after me I could see my owner flying into the air because the monster was so fat. I could feel the grass as it was swishing against my legs just like the wind itself. As I was running, I looked down at my legs and I could see my legs shaking. After that I stopped and then I heard my owner saying “Giddy Up Horsey the MONSTER is going to catch us”.  This time as I left “WHOOSH I speed off like the flash and I looked back I saw my owner bouncing up and down again because I was going to fast. As I looked back the second time the big looked MONSTER was gone. I was so happy and relieved. At last I saw a smile on his face. I could hear him saying “WELL DONE” to me. I was so relieved that we were still alive.
                      THE END